Happy Easter! 
I am getting a lot of messages about what Easter is AND a lot of messages about how it is a farce. Now, ordinarily I offer that there is no right and wrong when it comes to religious belief, only the choice of whether or not to have faith. 
However, when it comes to this time of year, there is no reason to dismiss Easter as a “mere” religious construct. There are plenty of secularrationales for accepting the same mandate Christianity offers. In other words, no reason to fight.
Easter is of course a derivative occasion. The word comes from a pagan goddess of fertility. And the theme of “rebirth and renewal” is consistent with nature’s reintroduction to what we see in flowers and trees all around us.
The message of Christ is distinct from this, of course, but also suggestive of the same premise: there is a chance to be better and do better and to begin again in the belief to do so.
That is certainly benign and should be acceptable to the believer, agnostic and atheist alike.

So, if u believe in Jesus Christ or if you believe in being good for goodness sake, you are in the same place today of personal responsibility for accepting a mandate of positive change. How we get there may differ, but the destination this time is the same

So enjoy the possibilities suggested by the passing of the gloom of winter. Take progress where you find it as they say.

I hope you enjoy the day, regardless of why you choose to do so 

As for me, I am off to try and make good memories with my wife and kids, remind and be reminded that we are lucky, and maybe blessed, to have all the opportunity this life affords us. And that’s enough for me.