I choose to believe in God. I am a catholic. I was raised that way and I rely on my faith to help me through my many failings and my worries and my desire for a better path and a hope.

So why do I say God didn’t give us human rights like it says in the Dec of Indep, etc. because the US does not draw on divine authority for recognition of rights.

Founding documents were the beginning of course but the first amendment in that seminal constitution, which has infinitely more authority than the dec of indep obviously keeps faith out of government. SCOTUS has said this repeatedly. That’s why people complain about society buying God sanitized.

Our jurisprudence is secular, meaning profane, meaning outside religion. When I said laws come from man and rights come from man and collective agreement I was not perverting my faith or the truth.
I was countering a judge who was insisting that marriage was defined by God and thus only who e says his faith should marry should be able to do so. My faith says the same thing as his.
But our legal system says something else. It says rights come from natural law, universally recognized rights, that mankind recognizes and in forming a society collectively agrees to respect
Hobbes, Rousseau, even Locke all saw that dynamic.

I am not saying men make rights. I am saying men recognize their innate freedoms in forming a society which requires coercive agreement and the idea that God must be the only one who can create right because if men could the man could take them away…simply fails in practice. Rights are often curtailed by govt for good and maybe controversial reason. I am not promoting that. It is true.

But law and political philosophy aside there is another reason keep sticking my big, piñata head in this beehive of religious thought about America’s foundation: because the more we insist that one religion become the rule for all in America, the more likely a chance that somebody will do that to us. No one religion can be the rule for the entire society. No matter what the founders wrote. That’s not how America works. Not his today, since the constitution. We have the freedom to believe what we want and do what we want, as long as those beliefs and actions do not hurt others. And I can even insist that my beliefs should be the beliefs of all. But that does not make it so.

Especially as the world continues to come together to fight a hand of terrorists that is trying to organize murderers on the basis of spreading one form of perverse Islam to dominate all other Muslims, and any iter faiths and peoples, we should be especially vigilant to remember what makes us special: we do not allow one religion to dominate. That is freedom.

I am a Christian, but I would never make you be one.