Yes, I have read the NBC anchor account of telling a false story about being in a chopper that was hit by and rpg in Iraq. I read Williams’ explanation/apology and it seems to be thorough.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there is drama to come – the media loves to eat its own –
and I get the instinct to believe he told a “war story” for his own aggrandizement. However, he says that’s not what it was about; that he “conflated” stories.
I don’t know the man so I am not covering for a friend. My take is I don’t think it is worth a lot of scrutiny. He came forward and apologized and admits to being wrong. Not sure what else there is to it.

Many of us journos were there. Many still are. Some for long periods and many trips. I was lucky to dip in and out several times without ever being hurt.
I don’t get the hype that surrounds seeing action in a war zone. I have seen some and I wish I never had, and I don’t think the experience made me special in any positive way.
I respect greatly those who put themselves in harm’s way to cover conflict and obviously the greatest respect is reserved for those who actually fight for our freedom, and I include service members’ famlies in that sacrifice and debt of gratitude.

Feel free to comment, as always, but I am not looking for a rolling convo on this. We have a lot bigger things to discuss.