ME EITHER. Sometimes when people charge that the media doesn’t care about certain stories enough, Or that we milk things for ratings point out that we are often driven by what YOU take seriously. Especially at CNN. . This story that just happened out in St. Louis (the one right next to ferguson). The cops make a traffic stop and gang up on an 18yo and then one reminds the others they are on camera and another turns it off allegedly.

No he said she said. You hear it on camera. The dept “disciplined” the officer or not following procedure but is not pursuing excessive force for the stomping and tazering of the 18 yo bufford but they did drop the charges against him because of lack of evidence – ironically because of the dash cam being turned off.

Now, the kid had grass and a loaded pistol in the car. But it was a group stomping and tazering and then we have the dash cam issue.

This episode goes to the heart of what mattered in ferguson regardless of the facts in the case: training, instinct, transparency.

People were incensed. And this happened in the same area. And the cops turned off the camera on purpose and apparently for bad reason.

No one is fired apparently. No accountability apparently. No word from chief or politicians. And also nothing from the audience in terms of interest.
Not saying there should be riots. There should not. Ever.
But wow what a difference a few months makes

Is that it, time? Not a homicide? Kid not sympathetic enough – not cast as a college bound gentle giant? Compassion fatigue? Tell me because we covering it but there is little traction with the audience and that makes it hard to continue giving a story preference.