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Justine Ruszczyk’s friend: ‘I had to Google to find out what had happened’

WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo & Kellyanne Conway’s Heated, 35-Minute Interview

Kellyanne Conway went on CNN from Philly, and didn’t want to leave

CNN’s Chris Cuomo fires back after GOP senator cries fake news: ‘You tell me what I’m getting wrong’

Chris Cuomo Grills Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Who Refuses To Say If American Muslims Are Equal To Other Americans

Rep. King: I meant exactly what I said

Rep. Steve King vs. CNN’s Cuomo: “I Meant Exactly What I Said” About Western Civilization, Culture

King doubles down on controversial ‘babies’ tweet

Rep. Steve King says his ‘somebody else’s babies’ tweet isn’t ‘about race.’ Except with King, it’s almost always about race.

Steve King Tells CNN of White Nationalist Tweet, ‘I Meant Exactly What I Said’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Trump’s Demonization of Press: ‘Somebody Is Going to Get Hurt’


CNN’s Cuomo: Trump Intoxicated By Idea of Beating Up the Media

Trump attacks CNN’s Chris Cuomo for not asking a question he actually did ask

Trump wrong on Sen. Blumenthal’s CNN interview and Vietnam

CNN Host Pushes Back On Trump Tweet Slamming Interview As ‘Fake News’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo to Donald Trump: Calling A Journalist ‘Fake News’ Is Like “An Ethnic Disparagement,” “Ugly Words”

Beverly Hills murderer speaks from prison

‘Your Data Set Isn’t Your Problem?’: CNN Anchor Grills Man Who Claims Millions Illegally Voted

Trump-cited study author (still) refuses to show proof of voter fraud

CNN’s Chris Cuomo demanded evidence from the man President Trump says can prove voter fraud. He said he was still ‘checking’ the facts.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Calls Out President Trump’s ‘Bully Tactics’ (Video)

 CNN’s Chris Cuomo Allowed Trump’s Voter Fraud ‘Source’ to Own Himself

The Guy Behind Trump’s Claims of Voter Fraud Doesn’t Have Any Proof

The Man Who Trump Is Championing As His Voter Fraud Expert Came Off As A Buffoonish Jackass On CNN This Morning

Trump’s Voter Fraud Numbers Are Apparently From a Random Guy With an App

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Calls Out President Trump’s ‘Bully Tactics’ (Video)

Cummings: Trump’s voting fraud claims ‘nonsense’

Trump cites dubious claim on voter fraud

Carl Bernstein: “The Opposition Is Not The Media; The Opposition Is Becoming The Truth”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo spars with Kellyanne Conway over Russia hacks: ‘You’re ducking the obvious’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo grills Kellyanne Conway in epic battle over Trump’s dismissal of Russian hacks

Chris Cuomo Spars With Conway On Russia: ‘You Won’t Even Say It!’


Kellyanne Conway Denies Donald Trump Is Sheltering Russia: ‘Don’t You Say That Again’ (Video)


‘Either Mentally Ill or Really Stupid’: Cuomo Slams D.C. Gunman and the Fake News He Fell For

CNN panel wonders why Trump had to save Carrier when Indiana Gov. Mike Pence should have

‘It’s a falsehood’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo grills GOP congressman over Trump’s voter fraud claims

‘He Is Just Guessing, or Flat Wrong’: CNN’s Cuomo Battles Darrell Issa on Trump Voter Fraud Claims

Congressman Issa gets into heated exchange with CNN’s Chris Cuomo over illegals voting


CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Trump’s SNL Tweet: ‘Does the President-Elect Have to Get a Thicker Skin?’

Former Breitbart Employee: “Dangerous And Divisive” Breitbart News Will Be The “Propaganda Arm” Of Trump’s White House

CNN’s Chris Cuomo goes off on Trump’s new top adviser: ‘Steve Bannon is not a statement of unity’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo Urges Media To Stop “Normalizing” Breitbart News And Steve Bannon

Trump-backing pol on Obamacare: ‘We’re not going to be pulling the rug out from anyone’

Giuliani claims little interest in attorney general job, but touts his superior qualifications

CNN’s Chris Cuomo shoots down Rudy Giuliani’s “conspiracy theory” in a heated interview on “New Day”

Rudy Giuliani: ‘Obamacare is Obama fraud’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tries To Wake Rudy Giuliani Up: You’re Disregarding Facts, ‘You’re In Trump Land’

Chris Cuomo and Rudy Giuliani Have Epic Battle

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Grills Mike Pence On His Refusal To Condemn Trump’s Racist And Sexist Statements


The Donald Trump campaign takes its ‘silent majority’ case to the media

‘It’s BS’: Chris Cuomo nails Donald Trump Jr. for ‘dehumanizing refugees’ with Skittles analogy



Chris Cuomo exposes Trump surrogate’s pay-to-play hypocrisy: Let’s talk about Pam Bondi

Giuliani vs. Cuomo: You need to watch this

Lilly King’s parents on her anti-doping stance: ‘She takes it seriously’

Becerra Called Out for Deflecting on Clinton FBI Investigation

MTM: A lot of people thought we shouldn’t have shown the Minnesota shooting video. Here’s what I think

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue melts down on CNN after pope tells him to apologize to gays

Bill Donohue, Catholic League president: ‘I want an apology from gays’

Catholic League Chief Loses It Over Pope’s Call To Apologize To Gays (VIDEO)

Apologies Necessary

Later, CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Donohue, “Why did you spend so much energy on this? Why is it so important to you to denounce gays?

Flag as irrelevant

Rep. Steve King backs full gun rights for terror suspects: It’s ‘their right to defend themselves’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo nails Rudy Giuliani on his Islamophobia: Why would you give ISIS what they want?

Chris Cuomo Absolutely NAILS Rudy Giuliani With His Own Radical Islam Analogy


Anchor Dares Trump’s Media-Bashing Spox: ‘Call Me An Idiot’ (VIDEO)

CNN Anchor Dares Trump’s Media-Bashing Spox: ‘Call Me An Idiot’ (VIDEO)

Sensitive Trump Dodges Tough Question by Bickering With Cuomo: ‘You Should Congratulate Me!’


Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton won’t be good for women

CNN’s Cuomo Grills Trump Campaign Manager About Trump’s “Harsh Language” And His “Pandering”

Wall Street Journal Donald Trump Boasts of Foreign Policy Experience: ‘I Make Money’

Washington Post Donald Trump says he has more foreign policy experience than ‘virtually anybody’

Politico  Trump blames media for White House Correspondents Dinner absence


Los Angeles Times Donald Trump slams Hillary Clinton for ‘off the reservation’ remarks


Mediaite Trump Blames Media For Correspondents’ Dinner No-Show: ‘I Would Have Had a Great Time!’


New York Magazine Donald Trump Says We Can’t Let China ‘Rape Our Country,’ Criticizes Clinton for Her Misandrist Rhetoric


USA Today Trump hits Clinton for ‘off the reservation’ remark

Talking Points Memo Trump: Clinton’s ‘Off The Reservation’ Remark Was ‘Demeaning’ To ‘Indians’

Real Clear Politics Trump: “The Indians Want A Retraction” Of Hillary’s “Off The Reservation” Comment


Politico Trump: ‘Indians have gone wild’ over Clinton’s ‘off the reservation’ remark


Daily Mail Trump insists he would have gone to Saturday’s White House Correspondents Dinner where Obama roasted him – if only he could trust the media to report that he can take a joke!

Business Insider Donald Trump goes off on ‘very nasty’ Hillary Clinton ‘off the reservation’ comment


The Hill Trump: Clinton’s ‘reservation’ remark ‘very nasty’


Mediaite Trump: ‘The Indians Have Gone Wild’ Over Hillary’s ‘Off the Reservation’ Remark

Fusion Donald Trump, meninist-in-chief, just accused Hillary Clinton of being sexist against men

New York Post Dennis Rodman’s ranting saved me from North Korean gulag

TMZ Dennis Rodman Thanked By Ex-N. Korean Prisoner … Your Rant Helped Save Me

Huffington Post Kenneth Bae Thinks Dennis Rodman Was The Catalyst In His Release

Time Kenneth Bae Recalls Hard Labor During North Korea Imprisonment

VICE News US Citizen Held in North Korea Says Rant by Dennis Rodman Helped Set Him Free

Chris Cuomo flays Trump for ‘woman card’ attack: ‘How do you call someone out for being a woman?’

Trump: Gov. Pence Likely to Stay Out of Presidential Race


Bernie Sanders draws ‘record’ crowd in Prospect Park

CNN’s Chris Cuomo defends Trump campaign spokeswoman

CNN’s Chris Cuomo defends Trump campaign spokeswoman

Cuomo to Sanders: ‘Tens Of Thousands of Young People Shouting Your Name’

Hillary Spokesman Says She Needs Establishment Superdelegates to Win

Trump campaign manager: I tried to reach out to Michelle Fields

DWS warns Sanders supporters dangerously close to ‘intimidation’ tactics, feels like ‘stalking’


Hillary Clinton responded to Stephen Colbert’s joke about her trustworthiness

Watch Bernie Sanders ‘Release’ Transcripts of His Paid Speeches to Wall Street

Democratic Town Hall: Economics, Race, Faith — and Beyoncé


At CNN Town Hall, Clinton Again Refuses to Release Goldman Sachs Transcripts

Top quotes from the South Carolina town hall

‘You have the right to wear your hair anyway you want’ Hillary tells black voter who says she’s been treated differently since Ferguson when wearing her hair ‘natural’

CNN’s Cuomo Asks Hillary Hard-Hitting Question About Beyonce Super Bowl Performance


As 2016 Approaches, CNN’s New Day Is Doing Better Than You May Know


CNN Trump Apologist Jeffrey Lord Calls Clinton’s Debate Bathroom Use “Endemic Of Her Personality”


Reince Priebus responds to Ben Carson mispronouncing his name

Reince Priebus responds to Ben Carson mispronouncing his name


CNN asks Carly Fiorina to take responsibility for Planned Parenthood lies. Fat chance.


New York governor calls Trump ‘recruitment poster’ for ISIS


CNN’s Chris Cuomo Pushes Back On Rep. Steve King’s Climate Denial


Remembering those we lost in 2015


 Watch CNN’s Chris Cuomo Corner Carly Fiorina On Her Role In Radicalizing Abortion Clinic Shooter

Video || Chris Cuomo Suggests Carly Fiorina Responsible for Shooting

Watch Carly Fiorina explode at CNN’s Chris Cuomo for refusing to allow her to continue to lie about Planned Parenthood

‘That’s not who America is’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo battled Donald Trump in an intense interview


Donald Trump, Chris Cuomo Debate Proposed Muslim Ban (VIDEO)


Trump’s Muslim proposal makes for electric TV moments


Did a CNN commentator provide Donald Trump with a defense for his proposed Muslim ban?

Did a CNN commentator provide Donald Trump with a defense for his proposed Muslim ban?

Reagan Aide: Trump’s Critics Are the Real Xenophobes

CNN anchor clashes with Trump on Syrian Christians


Chris Cuomo crushes Steve King for anti-refugee nativism: ‘You are playing into ISIS’ hands’


CNN’s Cuomo Grills Trump Surrogate Over False 9/11 Claims, Support For “Rough[ing]” Up Protester


‘Woe Be on Them’: Trump Campaign Lawyer Issues Warning to the RNC

‘Good Morning America’ Oral History: How an A.M. Also-Ran Ascended to Ratings Glory

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence can’t explain why he rejected Syrian refugee family found to pose no threat



CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Trump: Phone interviews are a ‘tactic, a strategy’

CNN’s Cuomo, Trump duel in must-see TV


French Prosecutor: Suspected would-be train attacker had “terrorist intent”


Chris Cuomo to the rescue; Marco Rubio’s errant ball

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo aids man fighting riptide in Hamptons

Donald Trump takes on Clinton, Bush and the Pope

Donald Trump: Birthright babies not citizens

Trump: ‘I have to do right thing’

Is Donald Trump worried about his family?

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton emails ‘devastating’ for election

Trump to Pope: Capitalism ‘Is a Great Thing When It Works Properly’

Chris Cuomo, Hero, Saved a Man from Drowning This Weekend


Chris Cuomo, CNN anchor, comes to aid of distressed swimmer off Shelter Island


Chris Cuomo saves drowning man in Hamptons


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo saves drowning man from a rip current in the Hamptons


Chris Cuomo saves drowning Hamptons man from after rip current in Peconic River

TV may be too timid to cover Trump

Trump: ‘I am the most fabulous whiner’

Trump’s morning: Soft questions from Fox, tougher at CNN

Listen to Donald Trump’s Response When CNN Host Presses Him on Specifics of Platform

Fox News Doesn’t Ask Donald Trump About Fox News. CNN Does, Twice

Donald Trump returns to Fox News, says he’ll ‘keep the door open’ to third-party run

Trump not asked about Megyn Kelly in new Fox News interview

Donald Trump, ‘greatest jobs President,’ wants to shut down H&R Block, put 80,000 Americans out of work

Donald Trump: ‘I am the most fabulous whiner’

Donald Trump: Whiner in Chief

Donald Trump: ‘I keep whining and whining until I win’


Top Trump Aide: Huckabee Right on Holocaust Comments

Bill Cosby Scandal: 35 Accusers Appear on New York Magazine Cover

Trump’s campaign head doesn’t really know how Trump would help veterans


CNN’s Cuomo to Santorum: ‘Why Aren’t You More Like Your Pope?’

CNN’s Cuomo Rips Santorum on ‘Tolerance:’ ‘Why Aren’t You More Like Your Pope?’

Tom Cotton: Congress ‘Will Kill’ Obama’s Iran Deal


CNN’s Chris Cuomo responds to fierce critics at Fox News, Breitbart

Fox News Pushes False Attack On CNN’s “Sanctuary City” Reporting

CNN’s Cuomo and Camerota Crack Up Over Letterman’s Anti-Trump Top 10


Trump aide gives 5 explanations for comments about Mexicans

CNN host corners Rick Santorum on LGBT tolerance: ‘Why aren’t you more like your pope?’


CNN’s Cuomo Calls Out Bernie Sanders for ‘Tricky Game’ of Distorting Jeb Bush


CNN’s Pereira: Dolezal Has ‘Told A Lot of Lies;’ ‘Appropriating…A Culture’


Jon Stewart Mocks Andrew and Chris Cuomo Sibling Rivalry After NY Governor Embarrasses CNN Anchor (Video)


Carson: Gay rights aren’t the same as civil rights


Jon Stewart Finds Awkward Moments Between CNN’s Chris Cuomo And New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo


‘Daily Show’ sibling rivalry edition: Cuomo versus Cuomo

Jon Stewart mocks Cuomo sibling rivalry: The governor will always find time to “give his brother sh*t”

Jon Stewart: NY Governor Should Focus on Escaped Killers Instead of Teasing CNN-Anchor Brother


Lawyer Chris Cuomo can make a good case for journalism


CNN Puts Fox News Coverage Of Police Brutality To Shame In One Segment

Pam Geller shouts at CNN for ‘adhering to Sharia’ after host compares Muhammad cartoon to n-word

‘Bipartisan’ CNN Panel Slams Marco Rubio’s ‘Hate Speech’ Warning

Prophet Mohamed adverts submitted to Washington DC public transportation


Philadelphia mayor: Amtrak wreck a ‘disastrous mess’


CNN’s Navarro Claims Jeb Heard the Iraq Question Wrong
Journo Doubles Down on White House Claims About Killing Bin Laden

George Zimmerman shot at by motorist, police say

CNN Panelists Agree: Clintons Helping Tony Rodham Not A Scandal

Chris Cuomo to Rep. Steve King: Is Free Speech a ‘Cover to Poke Islam in the Eye?’


Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake tells New Day everyone has a role and hers is not at the protests.

Watch the full interview:

Freddie Gray Protests in Baltimore, Maryland

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