How Chris Cuomo Looks Buff Without Bodybuilding


Happy #Sunday The coach and namesake of @evfperformance loves these farmer’s carries. Works my grip in recovering wrist (see bar drop at first). Very important for me@especially because of all the fight training. So, 115lb in each hand is very doable for someone my size but once you start to move everything changes. Anyone can do these and they are excellent for working on overall strength and the ability to #grind. This is a movement where you want to quit; when you put them down you want to rest; you want to hurry but you can’t. We did several rounds of these with other quad and grip burners. This is just exercise but it does train our ability to work hard doing something you don’t enjoy. #lifelessons #hardwork Try them and let me know if you get the same look on your face I have 🙂

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