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Chris Cuomo is the star of CNN’s evening news program, Cuomo Primetime. Chris is known for his hard hitting interviews, and in depth reporting, including breaking news as it happens.


2 days ago
#UFC262 love it! Is it just me or these ring side guys talk too much?
3 days ago
Is this an odd list of complaints from the times? Even the headline: obsessed with details!
3 days ago
Masked? Thats the least of it for middle and high schoolers. The distancing. No socializing. No gym. There is a reason @CuomoPrimeTime was skeptical on school policy rationale for many months
4 days ago
If @staceyabrams abrams moved to nyc would she be the runaway mayoral choice??
4 days ago
Reads like house of cards...just not as clever...but just as toxic...
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