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Chris Cuomo is the star of CNN’s evening news program, Cuomo Primetime. Chris is known for his hard hitting interviews, and in depth reporting, including breaking news as it happens.


Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo3 days ago
A judge made the law clear to the White House: the press has the right to ask what it wants, where it wants but now the question is... what happens next. And I argue the real trouble lies ahead. #CuomoPrimeTime #LetsGetAfterIt
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo3 days ago
This was not just about CNN. If the President & his people can blackball one reporter, they can do it to any - that's why so many media organizations including Fox lined up to say he'd gone too far and all must stand for up for a free press because this White House is not ready to change.
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo4 days ago
Pakistan. Khyber Pass. Early 2000s. Place where no man dare tread back in the 2000s…except for a young dope like this guy. This was bin laden territory. Pakistan has a tenuous control, and those with a desire to fight were everywhere. I seem calm because I was too stupid to know better - but I would learn...the hard way.
#TBT #CuomoThrowbacks

Link to my “Real Deal” piece from ABC:

And google my intvs with then president Musharraf for a dicey back and forth about OBL whereabouts.
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo5 days ago
Tonight on "Don't be a Sucker!" - a vibrant vindication of our call for you to avoid falling for piffle posed as fact - we have the curious case of the President trying to get you to believe in voter fraud. Here's his latest offering of offal...
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo5 days ago
I can't remember a time we've seen more people around a sitting president be cited, investigated, chased out, fired, indicted...and we are only two years in. #CuomoPrimeTime #LetsGetAfterIt
Chris Cuomo
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20 hours ago
Offended that they are not really living in my home or some other foolish hyper-technical take? As you know - and prove - many on here exist to be assaultive, and sometimes exposing the piffle is purifying to the whole. Or that’s the gambit.
20 hours ago
also a good way to keep approval well below 50%, and to force conservatives to abandon the party and crush trump in the midterms by a wider margin than pop vote in 2016. #FactsMatter
20 hours ago
My lob isnt to make any politician’s life easier... just to make discerning the truth easier, little man. Reccanize. And POTUS can call us what he likes...Trump calling us fake is now a badge of honor, given his relationship with the truth #
20 hours ago
This man is a decorated war veteran who ran the fbi and was widely praised by your party when selected
- including by trump. When you disrespect your own - without basis - you show your warts, not theirs, homie. Know that.
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Zoda Stone @StoneZoda
@ChrisCuomo You shouldn't have any answered the questions. Nothing but a democratic witch hunt.