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Chris Cuomo is the star of CNN’s evening news program, Cuomo Primetime. Chris is known for his hard hitting interviews, and in depth reporting, including breaking news as it happens.


Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo2 days ago
Florida's governor and state health officials are condemning accusations they tried to censor public health data on covid-19. The controversy was ignited by claims and e-mails from a state health employee named Rebekah Jones, who joined me tonight on Cuomo Prime Time.
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo2 days ago
You are either on the side of liquor stores…or God. This President laid out a ludicrously false choice today.
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo3 weeks ago
I’m back in studio tonight #LetsGetAfterIt
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo4 weeks ago
The virus, the trauma of being on hospital front lines, the stress of living this covid all attacks us physically and mentally...illnesses that are equally deadly. Tonight, we spoke with Dr. Philip C. Breen, who lost his daughter to suicide, Dr. Lorna Breen, after helping covid patients before contracting the virus herself. Please remember that no matter what, you are never truly alone. The National Suicide Prevention lifeline is always there: 1-800-273-TALK
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo1 month ago
Thank you, Jeremy Harrell, for the service fighting terror abroad and fighting mental illness at home. Here is how veterans can reach out and get help:

FB: Veteran’s Club
Instagram: veteransclubinc
Twitter: Veteran’s Club
Chris Cuomo
Cuomo Prime Time
"Don't be afraid to announce that you're struggling right now." Veteran's Club Founder Jeremy Harrell says he has a message for veterans who are trying to cope during the coronavirus pandemic. "Get out of the mindset that we must suck it up... We don't have to do that anymore."
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo1 month ago
Families all over know the reality our family faces: few are one case and done. Sure enough, Cristina has covid now. Kids are still healthy but this shook us at our literal core. All are stepping up. Can't wait to shake this fever so I can help her as she helped me. Sucks.
Chris Cuomo
Christopher C. Cuomo
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2 months ago
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10 hours ago
Hope you did more than take photo - but yes, too often we forget our connection to need. I do, you do, but especially on #MemorialDay2020 - we can see the need to respect sacrifice and do more to respect each other
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OZ @pardo_ozzie
@ChrisCuomo I had to share this with you; I took a walk, saw this lady and felt her pain, I had to take a photo . This is how we all feel but we can get through this....TOGETHER....😪
1 day ago
If you are so offended, why spin that bs abt the confederate flag? Politicians play to advantage too often and to good conscience too rarely.
4 days ago
We have to check in; offer help;
Get help; and realize that illness is illness... #howdoyoureallyfeelchallenge there is no mental vs physical health...only health.
5 days ago
Why did this president praise china’s handling of covid - 19
Like a dozen times? Ignore the noise... focus on the plan for how to reopen as efficiently as we can. Why wont he talk abt that or even let task force members talk abt it??????