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Chris Cuomo is the star of CNN’s evening news program, Cuomo Primetime. Chris is known for his hard hitting interviews, and in depth reporting, including breaking news as it happens.


Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo20 hours ago
I'm going to leave these images playing in the wall because,remember, these are real people. Instead of seeing them as Trump wants you to, as monsters on the march, see them as they are: desperate, leaving behind whatever they had, whomever they knew..for a chance at a better life.
#LetsGetAfterIt #CuomoPrimeTime
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo21 hours ago
What do you say...
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo1 day ago
#TBT to the Worldcup in Brrrrassssssiiiiiillllllll. I don’t cover sports but it was such a big moment for USA and Brazil, impoverished and politically in flux, and the boss told me to go - so we went!
My only ask was to do some reporting in favellas, to show the separation of rich and poor - as obvious as it is unfortunate. One plus...the rich get the beach fronts, but the favellas get the views from the mountain tops. That’s where I met this expat who has a hotel up there and a million stories. Gave away those blue adidas cap-toes down there. May need to get another pair 🙂 #CuomoThrowbacks
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo3 days ago
Lets play a game: tell me what POTUS should have been talking about here...
#LetsGetAfterIt #CuomoPrimeTime
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo3 days ago
Watch Sen. Bernie Sanders reaction after he hears for the first time that Trump said the Saudis are "guilty until proven innocent" #CuomoPrimeTime #LetsGetAfterIt
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo3 days ago
The President is always saying how great the economy is, but he never says this...
#CuomoPrimeTime #LetsGetAfterIt
Chris Cuomo
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I can’t be sure but I hope you are being kind...not doing so in this context would be hazardous
4 hours ago
Thanks. I interrupt - sometimes too much. I overcompensate when trying to keep people from flooding the zone with bs. Must do better. #Letsgetafterit is about making that effort
5 hours ago
I know you are not talking about me. I don’t block unless you get ugly with others and I have zero concerns abt ur boy gorka
7 hours ago
To you. But he has said illegal entry must be curtailed and the legal process needs work. If you don’t think compassion needs to be part of it you have forgotten your family’s experience as well as you duty of fairness as a supposed journalism teacher
7 hours ago
You quoted something that is not a quote. And made an argument I find offensive. Your father’s stance was brave. My pop was told he was less than for much of his life because of his name and ethnicity and social economic status. That’s offensive too. Don’t be offended, be better