The true mark of a genius leader is the ability to unify, not divide.

My point with Schlapp is that it all has to start with trust. This President is regularly selling himself as something he is not: an expert. Just today (listen). It is a true deluge of delusions (listen). And if it were just bragging or a wink at hyperbole… Okay, but he acts on his perverse notions in ways that hurt this country. Like what? Well, let’s start small… His genius tells him it is okay to make money off the presidency… He wants to hold the next G7 Summit at one of his clubs, seriously? His genius led him to say global warming is a hoax that china created, and then to reportedly suggest nuking hurricanes… Think about that… the man reportedly thought it was a good idea to set off nuclear bombs to combat the weather. Is that genius? His legal genius is also suspect. The Washington Post counted…. And federal judges have ruled against this white house more than 60 times in the past two years, on everything from the environment to immigration. He’s made deregulation part of his sell to the American people… But he’s only won *6%* of cases involving agency regulations. Other presidents win about 70% of the time. Now he wants Russia back in the g-7/8. Putin fired rockets near the NATO border during the current summit. And yet this President praises Putin as better than Obama and then botches how Russia got ousted. Annexing Crimea got Russia kicked out by a majority, not Obama. Russia still holds Crimea today. And is trying to infiltrate our democracy. And this President praises Putin? That’s genius? He released Iran from the only controls the world had on them, gifted North Korea’s despot with legitimacy, saying the first lady has gotten to know Kim well, when they never even met; started a trade war with China that has CEO’s dumping their own stocks as market fears grow and farmers feel the pain. He says it is just all part of how he negotiates… Remember he went bankrupt, a lot… And most often was negotiating with creditors in busted businesses. You would know where his money comes from if he would show his taxes… But that type of hiding is part of his genius. And where is the genius in saying things that make the hateful happy? His people swear we got him wrong about seeing good people on both sides in Charlottesville… And then he condemned white supremacists. Well, you know who doesn’t get it? These guys from a KKK rally in North Carolina. Carrying a banner that says “help make America great again.” you don’t see signs that say let’s get after it… Or diversity is strength… Why are they using his slogan and writing in support of him? See any Obama signs in there? Bottom line… Telling someone you are genius does not make you a genius, in fact it probably suggests the opposite. Would a genius lie in such easily discoverable ways? Would genius convince you that america is best unified by pushing the poison of division, emboldening those who want to see the world in terms of us and them… Exclusion over inclusion…as who is less than… And that there is nothing more righteous than indignation. But there is one bad fact for me…this president has exhibited what might be fairly assessed as near-genius in pulling off an amazing feat of politics: he sold himself to disaffected white voters who were angry at the monied class and their perverse power plays. I have never seen someone who is guilty of exactly what outrages people be accepted as a champion for the same people. And yet in this context, as a leader, I think true genius should be defined as that application of intelligence promoting a society’s virtues; to enlighten and elevate and appeal to our better angels… not to bring out the devil in us all.