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Recent Chris Cuomo News:

Mediaite: Tuesday Cable Ratings: New Day More than Doubles Morning Joe in Demo

Media Bistro: October 2014 Ratings: CNN Finishes Strong Second

CNN: Mike Rowe and Chris Cuomo Auction Rowe’s Watch

Fox News: Cuomo’s Confession: The media’s spanking debate gets personal after NFL star sidelined

TVNewser: Ratings Note: ‘New Day’

Mediaite: New Day Beats morning Joe for 12th Consecutive Day

Media Matters: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Calls out The Extremist group Behind Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill

Chris Cuomo defends CNN interview with brother Governor Cuomo

Chris Cuomo: Obama’s Handshake With Castro ‘About Something Bigger’: ‘Reconciliation’

CNN Anchors and Ron Burgundy

Chris Cuomo interviews Cliven Bundy

Mediaite: Bundy: If People Were Offended by ‘Negro’ Then MLK ‘Hasn’t Got His Job Done Yet’

Washington Post: Cliven Bundy says if people find his remarks offensive, ‘Martin Luther King didn’t do his job’

New York Daily New:s ‘Maybe I sinned…maybe I don’t know what I actually said’: Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy attempts befuddling apology

Huffington Post: Cliven Bundy: If People Think I;m Racist, Blame MLK Jr.

The Wire: Watch: Cliven Bundy Explains Why Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be on His Side

The Gawker: Cliven Bundy Denies Being Racist, Thinks MLK Would Be on His Side

Mother Jones: Cliven Bundy’s Daughter Slams Sean Hannity

Raw Story: Bundy: If People are ‘offensive’ by what I say, ‘Martin Luther King hasn’t got his job done yet’

The Hill: Rancher Bundy says Martin Luther King Jr. would be on his side

The Blaze: Cliven Bundy: I’m Standing Up to Bad and Unjust Laws, Just Like Rosa Parks

 Alexandria: Kudos to CNN… Specifically Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo interviews George Zimmerman

The Washington Post: Absurd backlash over CNN’s interview with George Zimmerman Cuomo interviews George Zimmerman

The Washington Post: George Zimmerman is no ‘scapegoat’

New York Post: Zimmerman: Only God can judge me

NY Mag: Zimmerman Wants You to Know How Rough He Has It

Mediaite: Zimmerman Refuses to Say Whether He Regrets Killing Trayvon Martin

NY Daily News: Zimmerman wants to become a lawyer

Yahoo! News: Zimmerman: ‘I certainly was a victim’

Politico: Zimmerman: ‘I’m President Obama’s Scapegoat’

Time Magazine: George Zimmerman: ‘I Certainly Was A Victim’

Huffington Post: Zimmerman: ‘God is The Only Judge That I Have To Answer To’

MSNBC: Zimmerman not haunted by what happened

The Wrap: Zimmerman Tells Chris Cuomo He Was A Victim 

Orlando Sentinel: Zimmerman: God Is My Only Judge

Business Insider: Zimmerman: I was a ‘Scapegoat’ For Obama and The Government

Vibe: Zimmerman Sticks To His ‘I Was The Victim’ Story on New Day

The Raw Story: Zimmerman on CNN: ‘I Was The Victim’

Gawker: Zimmerman Regrets How Hard Life Is Since He Killed Unarmed Black Kid

Global Grind: Zimmerman Talks Consequences

Think Progress: Zimmerman Won’t Say If He Regrets Killing Trayvon Martin

The Blaze: George Zimmerman Is Smiling

Mediaite: Fox’s Kurtz Calls Zimmerman ‘Bad Guy,’ Compares To O.J. and Saddam Hussein

TMZ: Zimmerman: I’m A Scapegoat for Obama

Sky News: Zimmerman ‘Homeless And Suffering From PTSD’

Fox News: How Media Inflame Racial Trials



Chris Cuomo interviews Dennis Rodman

USA Today: Dennis Rodman has complete meltdown on CNN.

Huffington Post: Rodman Doesn’t Care If You Don’t Agree with North Korea Trip

Gawker: Watch Dennis Rodman’s Bizarre Screaming Meltdown on CNN

Politico: Dennis Rodman yells at CNN’s Chris Cuomo

Reuters: Rodman tells CNN that N. Korea visit could help ‘open door’

UPI: Rodman says trip to N. Korea will ‘open the door a little bit’

NY Daily News: Rodman on North Korea: ‘I don’t give a rat’s a– what the hell you think!’

Mediaite: Dennis Rodman Screams at CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Implies Bae is Guilty

Business Insider: Dennis Rodman Interview On CNN Devolves Into Incoherent Yelling

TPM: Dennis Rodman Comes Unglued During Interview From North Korea

Washington Times: Dennis Rodman’s epic CNN meltdown defending Kim Jong-un

Free Beacon: Dennis Rodman Loses it on CNN

Mediaite: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Reacts to Rodman Outburst


Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17:

Variety: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Talks Malaysia Airlines Coverage

Daily Caller: Russian-backed Separatist Leader Declares Internet ‘All Lies’

Malaysia Chronicle: Rebel leader Borodai likens MH17 crash site to ‘horror movie’ black humor

Courier Mail: MH17: Russian rebel leader Alexander Borodai compares Malaysia Airlines disaster zone to ‘black humour’

The Hill: Cuomo: No question Flight 17 crash scene has been corrupted

Washington Post: CNN’s Chris Cuomo sticks up for ‘Dignity’

Politico: CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Russia Today host battle

Mediabistro: Reporting on a Unique Tragedy, Chris Cuomo Motivated by ‘Sense of Purpose’


More News:

Mediaite: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Battles Wolfowitz over Bush Officials’ ‘Misleading’ Iraq War Claims

Media Matters: Watch CNN”s Chris Cuomo Hold An Iraq war Architect Accountable

Mediaite: Cuomo Grills Obama’s GOP ‘Cousin’ for Decrying Personal Attacks after Hitler Comparison

Newsbusters: Chris Cuomo Surprisingly Grills John Kerry Over Obama’s International ‘Weakness’